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All aboard sleepbus®


Without deep restorative sleep our circulation, immune system, metabolism, and our brain function are all compromised. At the most basic level, think about how awful you feel the next day after a restless night’s sleep or how a new parent feels like a zombie after sleepless nights with a newborn. Can you imagine how crappy you feel after sleeping poorly for days, weeks, or even months and trying to get your life back in order.

Well one man did, Simon Rowe, he gave up his corporate job intending to find a way to help the more than 8000 people in Australia who sleep rough each night, get a safe comfortable sleep. 

“Without a good night’s sleep, things can spiral out of control pretty quickly” said Simon, “Access to a safe, comfortable place to sleep means better mental and physical health and ultimately, a chance to take a breath to work on a pathway out of homelessness”

As a young man Simon had been in this situation himself, so with the mission ‘To bring safe, temporary overnight accommodation to people sleeping rough in Australia’ he set about finding a cost-effective solution to the shortage of beds for our society’s most vulnerable. The answer came in sleepbus.

The sleepbus® concept was tested with a GoFundMe event raising enough money for its first bus in four days. Now with four buses across Australia including a pink bus for homeless women and children and 4 more buses in the pipeline, Simon and his team are making sleep a priority for those that are vulnerable.

Each sleepbus provides 20 secure, climate-controlled individual sleep pods, with a lockable door, toilet, and even room for pets. The sleep pods are equipped with a television and a local community channel with links to support services providing assistance with finances, employment, education, healthcare and legal advice.

“With the mantra ‘Sleep changes everything’, sleepbus is very much aligned to our philosophy” said Paul Blewett, COO at Sleep Corp. “We are very proud to be able to assist with healthy, hygienic bedding ensuring a healthy night’s sleep.”

“We are passionate about unlocking the power of sleep and its impact on dealing with life’s challenges: said Blewett, “This coming year our team at SleepCorp is committed to fundraising events for and encourage other organisations to do what they can to help”

If you want to get involved or simply donate to the cause, contact Simon and the sleepbus® team at