We are a proudly Australian owned and operated business and are committed to continuing to support you in this difficult time.

With the health and safety of both employees and customers our priority, we have been working closely with government agencies and industry bodies to ensure our manufacturing and distribution sites remain within best practice hygiene protocols and in accordance with all state and federal requirements. We are exceptionally thankful and grateful for your support at this time.

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Say Goodbye to Bacteria

Fresche® is the world "greenest" high performance, bio based antimicrobial.
Our Fresche® featured products are integrated with the antimicrobial treatment,
providing 99.9% bacterial reduction and ensuring a healthier night's sleep for you and your family.


Extreme Efficiency

  • Fresche® is highly effective against bacteria, fungus, mould, mildew and odour.
  • The Fresche® bond is effective up to 100 washes.
  • As an applied polymer Fresche® contains no poisons, toxic chemicals or metal ions.
  • Fresche® is invisible, and will not impact colour, texture, or handle of a textile.

Continuous Protection

  • The sword shaped Fresche® molecule, or QuatLok, bonds to the textile surface, forming a polymeric-active matrix.
  • Bacteria are drawn towards the positive nitrogen charge.
  • Cell membranes are disrupted mechanically, not chemically.
  • The coating remains attached to the fabric, leaving it to protect again and again and again…


Safe for human skin contact, authorised by Oeko-Tex for use in Oeko-Tex approved textiles and furnishings.


The world's ‘greenest’ bio based human friendly antimicrobial.


Designed to stay on, not come off in order to function.


Tested to over 100 launderings and counting.


A mechanical not chemical mode of action so it doesn’t run down or deplete.


Not environmentally persistent so it can easily be recycled.

In final life Fresche® is harmless to the environment, breaking down to form nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and sand. For this reason Fresche® is the natural choice of our brands.