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Miracle Layer™

You might think all Mattress and Pillow Protectors are the same, but think again! 

When you buy a Protect-A-Bed® Mattress Protector you’re getting a lot more than just some expensive padding that sits between you and your mattress. We believe mattress protectors should actually do that; protect your mattress. And we believe that they should do it with style and comfort; none of that crinkly plastic that we grew up with.

That’s why our protectors feature our very own Miracle Layer™ – the ultimate waterproof, yet silent and breathable, skin that protects and shields:

  • You and your family from dust mites, mould and bacteria allergens that may be present in the mattress
  • Your mattress against accidents, spills, and stains

The Miracle Layer™ is exclusive to Protect-A-Bed®, and slightly different to other polyurethane waterproofing available. Our Miracle Layer™ is:

  • Breathable - Allowing air vapours to pass through it, maintaining an even surface temperature, helping you keep cool in Summer, and warm in Winter
  • Silent - Unlike other synthetic materials available on the market
  • Waterproof - The sleep surface fabric absorbs moisture, whilst the miracle layer prevents liquid from passing through
  • Flexible - Does not alter the comfort and feel of your mattress. You won't even know it's there
The Miracle Layer™ is available on all waterproof Protect-A-Bed® products, because everyone deserves the simple please of a good night's sleep.
All of our protectors are waterproof, unless stated otherwise.