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Protects Mattresses, Pillows and other Fabric Surfaces for up to 30 days

PROTECT-A-BED® HOSPITAL GRADE SURFACE DISINFECTANT & PROTECTANT is a hard surface disinfectant that forms a protective polymer to provide residual bacteriostatic efficacy on high touch surfaces for up to 24 hours and low touch surfaces for up to 30 days. Effective against a broad range of bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus hirae, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella choleraesuis, Murine hepatitis virus (MHV) and Human Coronavirus E229, including COVID-19. Hard surface disinfectant only, not to be used on skin.  



PROTECT-A-BED® HOSPITAL GRADE SURFACE DISINFECTANT & PROTECTANT is a broad spectrum commercial grade surface disinfectant that kills> 99.99% of bacteria, and forms a long lasting, invisible barrier which defends surfaces against microbial attack (and biofilm formation), continually for up to 30 days.



Through a bio mechanical process, the electrostatic charge interacts with the bacteria lipid layer, resulting in permanent destruction of the bacterial cell. Because the organosilane isn't consumed in the disinfection process,

it remains ready to continually defend treated surfaces against contamination and bio film formation.



DISINFECTANT & PROTECTANT is the smarter clean, being convenient to use, sustainable, non-leaching, long lasting and above all, friendly to humans, pets and plants. It contains no chlorines, bleaches, carcinogenic or endocrine disruptive compounds and in final life, PROTECT-A-BED® HOSPITAL GRADE SURFACE DISINFECTANT & PROTECTANT breaks down to form harmless organic compounds.



PROTECT-A-BED® HOSPITAL GRADE SURFACE DISINFECTANT & PROTECTANT is premixed and ready for use. Use undiluted. Ensure the surface to be treated is clean and dry. Shake well and hold the container upright, approx. 200mm from the surface. Spray the entire surface area, making sure it is completely covered. Allow the surface to dry. Do not wipe dry as this will remove the coating prior to bonding. Reapply during your next cleaning cycle. Do not mix with detergents or other chemicals. High contact surfaces remain protected for up to 24 hours unless heavy abrasion occurs. Low contact surfaces remain protected for up to 30 days.



  • bedding
  • bathrooms
  • general household
  • childcare
  • schools
  • gymnasiums
  • food preparation
  • animal care
  • hospitality
  • aged & disability care


Type: Sprays

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