Red Nose - Saving Little Lives



Red Nose

Since 2013, Protect-A-Bed has been supporting Red Nose, formerly SIDS and Kids, by funding the production of the charity’s ‘Cot to Bed Safety’ brochure, poster and smartphone app.

Cot to Bed Safety educates families about when and how to safely move a child from a cot to bed, with the aim of reducing the number of babies and toddlers sustaining injuries from falling out of cots and beds.

Protect-A-Bed is enormously proud to display the Red Nose logo on our Baby and Infant range, as well as our single, king single, and extra long single Mattress Protectors.

Visit the Red Nose website to download the Cot to Bed Safety brochure or poster or the app for iPhone and Android.

Red Nose’s mission is to save the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, fancy and childhood and support bereaved families. Find out more about Red Nose at