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FAQs - SnoreBeGone®

The SnoreBeGone® Sleep Positioning System supports your body and helps maintain a side sleeping posture which can reduce snoring. You’ll wake refreshed and energised, having had sleep that restores your body with minimised stress and real comfort.


Where can I buy the SnoreBeGone® sleep positioning system? 

You can purchase SnoreBeGone® online at


What is a 'holistic' approach to sleep? 

An holistic approach to sleep is more than a one-off investment in a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device, dental device or other single sleep system to resolve the problem. We believe sleep is a function of the whole body—sleep assists the body to rest, nourish and rejuvenate for day to day activity. So when we began our research, our approach was to firstly address the comfort of the whole body. Our resulting design successfully combines comfort with a lateral-and-incline concept to create a sleep system that effectively reduces or prevents snoring.


What makes SleepBeGone® different to the other avaliable products on the market? 

There is no other product that addresses the comfort of the whole body to reduce or prevent snoring. We logically combined the basic laws of physics, our research, knowledge and common sense to create a practical product – a product that works. Our sleep system performs just as well at a fraction of the cost of other devices that provide the same solution. One of many advantages SnoreBeGone® has over other comparable products is its convenience and unobtrusiveness. Customers using this sleep system will enjoy the freedom, and independence to sleep normally, and within a 7 to 10 day adapt period.


How does the design of SnoreBeGone® aid in comfort during sleep? 

SnoreBeGone® is divided into five interconnected sections that work together in addressing sleep as a function of the whole body: each section takes care of individual sections of the body independently.

The headrest elevates the head and supports the neck with an ergonomic curve at the lower part of the headrest, aligned between the neck and shoulder. The softly sculpted channel supports the shoulder and arms, with a comfortable amount of space to turn when you feel like it. The arm rests provide joint support when the arms are extended during sleep, while the tapered mid-section supports the sleeper’s torso. Finally, we added a lower section to stabilise the entire system, prevent slide and provide additional comfort.


How does SnoreBeGone® reduce, or prevent, snoring?

Reducing or preventing snoring is a combination of three important factors integrated into this sleep system:

The first is comfort. The second and third factors are the incline-position and the lateral-position. The incline makes breathing easier, and the lateral position locates the body—including the head—sideways. During Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep or ‘deep’ sleep, the body loses muscle tone as gravity puts downward pressure upon the whole body. With the sleeper in the lateral-position the advantage of gravity is that it deflects the soft tissues surrounding the airways passage to collapse away from the airways passage, making breathing easier which in turn reduces or prevents snoring.


I am used to sleeping on my back, how will SnoreBeGone® help me? 

Sleeping in a supine position or on one’s back feels comfortable and light for a good reason. There are several pressure points underneath the body that specifically provide weight support and relieve gravity pressure on the organs. This lightness results in a better night’s sleep. However, if snoring and sleep apnea is an issue, then the supine positions do not help to the contrary, a supine position tends to cause soft tissues in the mouth and throat to collapse and restrict breathing. As the snoring becomes more intense, further collapse of the soft tissues will cause sleep apnea.


I am used to sleeping on my stomach, how will SnoreBeGone® help me? 

It is often said that infants grow accustomed to a particular sleep pattern by the tender age of 6 months or so. By adulthood if you are still comfortably sleeping on your stomach (the prone position), the chances are that you will not snore, as the air passage is always open when sleeping in this position.


How will SnoreBeGone® help with acid reflux?

One of the big advantages of the SnoreBeGone® sleep positioning system—in addition to inclining the body and cradling the body in the lateral position—is that it also assists the reduction of acid reflux. To reduce acid reflux, try sleeping on your left lateral side. This allows the acid to flow down toward the stomach preventing a burning sensation. Sleeping on your right lateral side does the opposite, encouraging the acid flow upwards to cause that burning sensation.


Is there any difference to sleeping on the left, or right, side? 

There is no difference sleeping on either the left or right side, it is a matter of comfort and habit. However, for people with acid reflux problems sleeping on the left side is recommended. For seniors sleeping on the right is recommended as there is less pressure on the heart.


I get cramps in my shoulders or fingers when sleeping on my side. 

Generally there should be no pain in the shoulder as the torso and shoulders are slightly elevated, allowing the arm and forearm to rest in the channel section. If any pain continues see your doctor as the pain may be related to other health issues.


How does SnoreBeGone® compare with other devices that prevent snoring? 

All quality devices are designed to reduce or prevent snoring, so it is often more a matter of personal choice, comfort, results and affordability. The SnoreBeGone® however, has the benefit of total comfort, discretion, and the convenience of reduced or eliminated snoring during sleep.