A clinically proven, sleep technology for
reducing stress & improving sleep

What is Dreampad?

The Dreampad is more than a pillow, it is a relaxation tool in the form of a pillow.
It plays music through a gentle vibration which has a calming effect on your nervous system.

How does the Dreampad work?

Music from the Dreampad travels internally through your body and triggers the nervous system's relaxation response.
You simply need to turn on the music, lie back and relax!

"Does wonders for reducing stress so you can sleep easy...only the user can hear it,
which means you won't be bothering the person next to you" Marie Claire Magazine USA

Available as a:

Memory foam Dreampad
Offering amazing comfort with excellent support for back and side sleepers.
Medium or firm Dreampad
Ideal for feather pillow lovers who prefer a comfortable light softness
Slimline Dreampad
Great for children or adults who like a thin, comfortable pillow or like to travel
The Dreampad Music App controls music selection, volume and an alarm
A  BlueTooth Receiver is also available separately