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Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Bed bugs love to hitchhike on luggage and are an increasing problem in Australia.

Although found in carpets, the cracks in wooden floors and walls and the seams of furniture they are most common in mattresses. 

Small in size, they are attracted to warmth, and are most active at night biting areas of exposed skin while one sleeps.  Their bite causing an allergic reaction which is displayed on the skin as itchy red welts usually not felt until some minutes or hours after the bite.

Whether for use in the home or whilst travelling  we therefore recommend using the Protect-A-Bed® Allerzip® Fully Encased Mattress Protector.  Providing complete and permanent  Fit n’ Forget™ protection the patented BugLock® system, combines a dust-proof flap, three-sided  zipper, and a tamper proof Secure Seal™ ensuring it’s bed bug entry, escape and bite proof. 

It also provides protection against dust mites, mould, bacteria and other allergens. 

Layer the Protect-A-Bed®  Allerzip® Fully Encased Mattress Protector under a fitted-sheet style protector, which can be easily removed for regular washing with other linens.

When booking accommodation don’t forget to ask if they have bed bug protection.  A simple question could save some nasty bites!